First of all:
Whoever sent me that anonymous message can go fuck yourself. If you have something to say, come off that gray face and fucking SAY IT TO ME! If your too much of a COWARD to do that then fuck off, loser.

And by the way, see that surgeon who’s been working 16 hours straight? He’s high on cocaine. See that nurse who’s running on 12 hours of work, she’s sneaking pills from her patient. Before you judge maybe you should meet people who work in a hospital. Could you imagine seeing what we see everyday? And besides, I’m prescribed Roxy 10s every month for a stomach disease- so don’t judge before you know, cunt. We do what we do….but we still keep our shit together and SAVE lives. What do YOU do? Sit around behind your computer judging people? That’s just pathetic.

I love my legs.

I really do.

Cream cheese toaster strudel. Noms.

Cream cheese toaster strudel. Noms.

Last day of the quarter so I went and treated myself to a Mani/Pedi! That man was so amazing I about orgasmed…and let me tell you the place I went to had THE best massage chairs ever. Hooker red toes, black with gold tips for the fingers.

Then I came home to an unhealthy yet oh so delicious bacon, egg & cheese on toast with pineapples and strawberries.


Its fall, y’all!



“Behind the Peel/Warhols Banana Reimagined” By Robert Bowen


β€œBehind the Peel/Warhols Banana Reimagined”
Robert Bowen

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My little stash
4 Roxy 30 mg
6 Roxy 10 mg